Become a TAP Corporate User

Become a TAP Corporate User

Become a TAP Corporate User

What is TAP’s thanking platform for Corporate Users?

  1. TAP (Thank And Praise) is the world’s first Social Thanking Platform.
  2. TAP’s platform is free to use for public service organisations and all members of the public.
  3. TAP also offers a paid-for thanking platform (SaaS) for corporate usage to support the wellbeing of staff.
  4. TAP enables easy and fast sending of messages of thanks to staff as well as from members of the public.
  5. TAP allows companies to control, manage and administer their own customised Thanking Platform.
  6. TAP provides companies with insightful metrics via its OnTAP back-office system.

Benefits of staff mental wellbeing

TAP’s Thank And Praise platform promotes staff mental wellbeing leading to:

  1. Improved staff recognition
  2. Improved staff retention
  3. Reduced costs for recruitment
  4. Improved productivity

The value of staff mental wellbeing

  1. Reduced Absenteeism - According to workforce specialist Circadian, unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $2,600 per year for salaried employees
  2. According to a study released in August 2021 from the National Business Research Institute, employees’ average annual turnover rate across industries in the United States is 15%. The cost of turnover can range from 20% for a mid-level manager to 200% for a C-Suite Executive
  3. According to Gallup, demotivated employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, and 15% lower profitability

Introducing onTAP - Overview

‘Dashboards’ provide analysis of user activity

OnTAP Portfolio Management

‘Organisations’ tab provides easy control of user sites and departments

OnTAP Message Moderation

‘Moderate’ tab enables manual message moderation before publishing

OnTAP Social Media Management

‘Channels’ tab makes it easy to receive messages of thanks and manage social media

OnTAP Insights

‘Reports’ tab provides insight from messages received

The ease of TAP

  1. TAP is designed to be easy to use and to introduce
  2. We are ‘Plug and Play’ needing no software integration
  3. TAP provides onboarding assistance to enable staff and public engagement.
  4. Set-up is minimal and can be done in 24 hours

Pricing Structures


Less than 500 employees

$2 / employee


Less than 3,000 employees

$1.75 / employee


Less than 5,000 employees

$1.5 / employee


Less than 10,000 employees

$1.2 / employee


More than 10,000 employees

Company EmployeesYearly RateRate per employee
Less than 500$1,000$2.00
Less than 3,000$5,250$1.75
Less than 5,000$7,500$1.50
Less than 10,000$12,000$1.20
Over 10,000POAPOA

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up to become a TAP Corporate User by email: or by visiting our website: