Investor Relations


Investor Relations

TAP is a social enterprise meaning it is a privately held organization that generates revenue to cover costs but not to make profit. Any reported surplus will be donated to mental health charities in the USA. All shareholders understand that dividends will never be paid.

TAP has been financed so far (whilst its revenues are still growing) by both the Founders and by external investors who now own shares in Thank and Praise Ltd. Our shares have increased in value significantly as the TAP platform is adopted by more and more organizations and TAP is a group of companies which includes Thank and Praise Australia Pty (incorporated in December 2020) and Thank and Praise America Inc in Q2, 2022. We are still actively receiving new investment by interested investors as we progress to financial sustainability.

We have a mission to change the world and make it a better place by enabling people to quickly, easily and securely send messages of thanks and show appreciation. By expanding our free-to-use platform to thousands of organizations and millions of users across 3 continents we intend to become the global digital currency of thanks. But in order to become truly global we would need to partner with a global social media or eCommerce organization with a truly global reach. This future partnership will enable our investors to see a real return on their investment in TAP.

If you are interested in learning more about how you could support TAP and become a shareholder, please contact Matt Findel-Hawkins our CEO via Matt will send you our investor deck and give detail on how to invest. For UK based investors we are registered under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).