Simplicity of Use


Simplicity of Use

TAP (Thank And Praise) is a unique social thanking platform which enables the public to show their appreciation to the Unsung Heroes working in education, healthcare, elder care and the armed forces, while raising funds for good causes.

The platform allows people to quickly, easily and securely:
  • Thank a key worker privately
  • Praise a keyworker organisation publicly

TAP’s social thanking platform makes it as easy as possible for people to thank society’s Unsung Heroes. We believe that by enabling people to more easily thank keyworkers in education, healthcare and social care, we can end the culture of complaining and replace it with one of thanking and showing appreciation.

TAP’s aim is to reduce barriers to sending messages of thanks (barriers like not knowing the contact details of the person to you want to thank, or not having the address of the organisation, or not having time to post a card or say thanks in person). Through TAP’s platform all you need is one minute, the name of the person or organisation you want to thank and away you go!

Every message shared with a keyworker or organisation is checked to ensure only positive messages of thanks are seen.

You can thank a keyworker or the organisation they work for using TAP’s social thanking platform: